We are trader & manufacturer of wooden fine chess pieces based Delhi, Northern India. We take orders for customised chess pieces and bulk orders for wooden chess sets. We also take orders for other wooden handicraft collectables
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Staunton Chess Sets, Majestic Chess Pieces Set
Front View
Staunton Chess Sets, Majestic Chess Pieces Set
Back View
Staunton Chess Sets, Majestic Chess Pieces Set
Side View
Staunton Chess Sets, Majestic Chess Pieces Set


Premium Staunton Pattern
AI-1509 MAJESTIC Chessncrafts.com Majestic Chess Pieces set is one of its top Quality and extraordinary set of 32 pieces with an extra pair of Queen. The noticeable features of the pieces such as Sharp fragile points in the Queen crenellations, A slant cut in the Bishop miter, Six cuts in the Rook, Knights Mane and its expressions, Tall finial on top of the King and upper surface of king is in finest shape. The striking black pieces are made of solid real Ebony wood, which is hard to find these days. The Ebony wood is heaviest of all woods and it even sinks in the water whereas other woods do not sink in water. The stunning white pieces are made of Quality Indian Boxwood used after thorough selection. The knight is specially designed with beautifully carved mane. With remarkable care undertaken towards carving out the sharp details of tough Knight. Good deal of time is being spent to carve out the minutest details with great perfection. The King is 4" tall and complete set is massive weighted and felted with billiards cloth pad that prevents the chessboards from scratches and adds stability to the pieces. Same Design is also available in Rosewood and Boxwood combination that looks completely outstanding. Any fine quality chessboard with chess squares 2" would complement this set. Have a look at our chessboards collection! OFFER-Chessncrafts.com is offering a nice wooden chess storage Box absolutely free with this set to keep the exclusive set safe and away from scratches.

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