We are trader & manufacturer of wooden fine chess pieces based Delhi, Northern India. We take orders for customised chess pieces and bulk orders for wooden chess sets. We also take orders for other wooden handicraft collectables
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Alexander Wooden Chess Pieces, Poras Wooden Chess Piece
Front View
Alexander Wooden Chess Pieces, Poras Wooden Chess Piece
Back View
Alexander Wooden Chess Pieces, Poras Wooden Chess Piece
Side View
Alexander Wooden Chess Pieces, Poras Wooden Chess Piece


A Chessncrafts.com Alexander and Poras wooden chess piece is unique and based on historical theme. The magnificently hand carved black pieces are made of solid Indian Boxwood with Ebony wood as base. The white chess pieces are made of solid Indian boxwood. You must have not found this theme ever before anywhere! The king is 8? tall and every chess piece have detailed carving on it. Pawns are in warriors dress, the rook is tall with minutest work done on it, Full body Knight is carved with immense and perfect expressions on it. The Great Indian King Poras with his Queen on one side and The Great Alexander on the other side with his Queen in wardress. The Theme of chess pieces is based on the historical battle fought between The Great Alexander and Indian King Poras ages back. It has a historical significance, those who have read the Indian History when Alexander the Great invaded India and fought with King Poras. It is said that a close lady who was associated with Alexander the Great took an advantage of the Indian tradition known as RAKHI. She went to King Poras and adopted him as her religious brother and tied rakhi (a major festival in India to commemorate the abiding ties between siblings of opposite sex. The simple ceremony has the woman tying a rakhi, which may be a Colorful thread, a simple bracelet, or a decorative string around the wrist of her brother) and got a promise that he would not kill Alexander in the battlefield. King Poras gave the promise. There was a clear occasion when Poras could kill Alexander but he did not do that simply because of the promise that he had given to the lady who had tied rakhi on his wrist. Alexander was shocked when King Poras left him alive and did not attack him while he became unarmed in the battlefield. When the background of rakhi was narrated to him after he defeated King Poras, how King Poras had given a promise to spare his life in the battle field, he was thrilled and highly appreciated the gesture. After winning the battle, Alexander reciprocated in the similar way. He asked Poras, what treatment should be meted out to him? The defeated King Poras replied - As kings do with other kings. Alexander the great was happy to hear the reply and restored his state to him by keeping in mind the value of rakhi, which one of his associate women had tied on the wrist of King Poras and he promised in return Alexander life protection in the battlefield. This set is packed in a nice chess storage box with separate section for each piece.

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