We are trader & manufacturer of wooden fine chess pieces based Delhi, Northern India. We take orders for customised chess pieces and bulk orders for wooden chess sets. We also take orders for other wooden handicraft collectables
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Rajasthani Chess Set, India Army Chess Pieces
Front View
Rajasthani Chess Set, India Army Chess Pieces
Back View
Rajasthani Chess Set, India Army Chess Pieces
Side View
Rajasthani Chess Set, India Army Chess Pieces


A chessncrafts.com artistic Indian style exquisite Rajasthani chess set, for it is truly a chess set fit for a King. The board and the individual pieces of this unique chess set are works of carving, which complement each other perfectly. In keeping with the royal history of this game, the Rajasthani chess set depicts two armies ready to face each other in battle. The beautiful large 16? x 16? size chessboard made of Indian sheesham wood and Boxwood as Light and dark chess squares in the board, providing ample space for the movement of the exquisitely carved pieces. Chess is believed to have developed in India, from a medieval game called Chatur-anga, or four-sectioned for the different divisions of the army ? Kings and Queens on chariots, noblemen on elephants, cavalry and foot soldiers. It was played by royalty as a study of strategy and warfare and was therefore known as the Game of Kings Each wooden chess piece in this set is elaborately carved in minute details. The pieces represent two armies to show uniforms and turbans. The pawns are carved as foot soldiers, bearing arms. The Rooks are fighters seated on camels, the Knights are riders mounted on horseback and the Bishops are warriors carried by elephants. The fine statue, on each carefully carved piece, clearly depicts the features of the animals and their riders. Each King and Queen piece is 3? high and is carved to show a large elephant bearing a royal howdah, shaped like a peacock, on its back. The Kings and Queens are not shown in this set; the symbolic howdah, on the elephant back, indicates their presence. All the pieces have felt bases, for ease of movement on the polished board. The large chess board folds in the middle, for ease of storage and transportation. If your a chess lover, this regal Rajasthani chess set is sure to add to your enjoyment of this absorbing game. This set is sure to enhance the beauty of your home, make an excellent conversation piece, and could well be your introduction to the fascinating Game of Kings? OFFER- chessncrafts.com is offering a nice strong chess pieces storage box in velvet with separate place for every piece absolutely free.

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