We are trader & manufacturer of wooden fine chess pieces based Delhi, Northern India. We take orders for customised chess pieces and bulk orders for wooden chess sets. We also take orders for other wooden handicraft collectables
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In case you or your organization want to be considered as a our Channel Partner, we need the following information. Terms: These information shall be kept confidential. These information will also be used in all business consideration. Before we proceed in any deal we will require verification of all information provided by. By merely filling up the form, we do not guarantee that you will become our channel partner or reseller for any or all prodcuts.

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I understand that the Chessncrafts Channel Partner Agreement governs the Chessncrafts Channel Partner Program. I understand that submitting an order does not give me or my company any vested rights other than as provided for in the ChessncraftsIL Channel Partner Agreement and that Chessncrafts is under no obligation to pursue any order or to take any particular steps in attempting to enter an order unless deemed legitimate by a Chessncrafts Order Entry Representative. By submitting an order we agree that Chessncrafts shall not be liable for damages under any theory, including but not limited to, the manner in which it pursued the order, the failure to close a sale or any acts associated with the provision or termination of the service after the sale.

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